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Ethiopia won the bid for $768,000


Mentioned Ethiopia, many people may not have much impression, but everyone  should all be impressed by the African Union headquarters, especially the modern AU headquarters, which was built free of charge by our country. As the only country in the history of Africa not having been colonized, the AU headquarters is located in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.


With the rapid development of the international business of the company, the role of our company has changed a lot in the international bidding business, which is from the previous cooperation with the agent to the agent participation in our local international bidding, now we are involved in the bid in the name of the company directly. Ethiopia is the first step of the role shift. BIOBASE won the bid for $768,000 this month after winning the bid for $356,000 following the end of 2016 in Ethiopia. There will be a greater amount, the more far-reaching bid on the road.

This bid is not only a confirmation of the overall strength of the company, but also a preliminary effort by the company providing a single product to providing the overall effectiveness of the strategic solution. By the model ofinvolvingin the international bidding in the name of our company directly,our BIOBASE brand achieved great progress in the global reputation andpromotion of influence, and also lay the foundation for the international business to create a single order over 10 million.