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One Belt One Road - BIOBASE in Kazakhstan


At the beginning of September 2017 year, in response to the China-proposed great development strategy "One Belt One Road", BIOBASE group started the visit to Kazakhstan with enthusiasm. Without any doubt, we will be rewarding.

For China, Kazakhstan is an important land channel for Chinese enterprises to enter Central Asia and Europe. Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world, the largest country in Central Asia and the most economically developed country in Central Asia. Kazakhstan always attaches importance to status of China as a big country in the world. While China-proposed development strategy "One Belt One Road" also highlights that China attaches importance to Central Asian countries economy. Kazakhstan has always been the main destination for  investment of China in the CIS countries, and Kazakhstan and China have played a demonstration effect in economic cooperation for other CIS countries.

The trip to Kazakhstan, Biobase team first visited the local partner to understand the status of the region, combined with the development of national policy to jointly discuss the future cooperation ways, and communicate the details of the current cooperation, find the best solutions.

At the same time, together with partners, Biobase team visited the largest veterinary laboratory headquarter, who is subordinate Kazakhstan Ministry of Agriculture, introduced BIOBASE business strength and brand influence. And under the laboratory director’s concession, we visited the local food safety and animal disease research laboratory, understand the specific needs of the laboratory.

Finally, with the participation of Chairman Mr. Gan, Biobase continue to discuss the future cooperation with our partner, especially elucidate the future cooperation prospects of IVD reagent products, and both of sides reached a long-term cooperation consensus. We should work together to develop the Kazakhstan market, let BIOBASE brand and products become more and more popular and famous.

BIOBASE will unswervingly develop the CIS market and work with partners to bring better products and services to clients in the field of laboratory equipment and medical devices in the CIS market. Adhering to the customer-centric service concept, Biobase service for health, for the future!