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BIOBASE complete the autoclave project for DOH in Philippines


In 2014, BIOBASE won the tender for 862 units 50L autoclave for DOH in Philippines.

For such big project, we decided to manufacture an autoclave specially designed for this project. In the planning process, we prioritized sturdiness and simplicity. We made sure that the 50L horizontal model is very efficient while being user-friendly.

After 4 months designing, manufacturing and testing, these autoclaves are well accepted by the organizer and they are shipped batch by batch. And finally, all 862 units autoclaves are shipped to Manila and distributed across Philippines in time, which shows completion of this project.

An autoclave is a standard requirement for every medical facility, and sterilization is an important part of ensuring the best medical care. BIOBASE would express our care to all the medical institutes and laboratories all over the world.