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Horizontal Pulse Vacuum Autoclave---BKQ-Z H
Application: Pulsating vacuum sterilizer extracts vacuum and fills steam into the sterilization room for many times to make the sterilization room reach a certain vacuum degree,and then fills saturated steam to reach the set pressure and temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of sterili...
Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Autoclave
Application:  It is applicable for the sterilization of unpacked solid instrument in department of stomatology, ophthalmology, operation room and CSSD.
Horizontal Autoclave---BKQ-B(II)
Application:  It is applicable for the sterilization of unpacked solid instrument in  department of stomatology, ophthalmology, operation room and  CSSD.
Horizontal Pulse Vacuum Autoclave---BKQ-Z (H)
Application: It can be widely used in department of stomatology and ophthalmology, operating room and other medical institutions. It is suitable for all wrapped or unwrapped solid instrument, A-class cavity instrument (dental hand-pieces and endoscopes), implantable instrument, dressin...
Large Horizontal Autoclave
BKQ-D/S is a fast, compact and versatile sterilizer which is researched and developed according to the latest requirements of medical institution and CSSD. It is designed and manufactured combines high capacity with cost-efficiency, while offering high operating reliability and easy maintenance.
Cassette Sterilizer
Application: It is used for the repaid sterilization of small intruments in stomatology, ophthalmology, E.N.T. department, gynecology, operating room, etc.
Portable Autoclave
Range of application:  It's desk-top autoclave sterilizer which is designed for the hospital, clinic, lab, etc. It's mostly suitable for sterilizing of surgical, dental instruments, glassware, culture medium and biological dressing, food and goods, etc.
Glass Bead Sterilizer
Application: The glass bead sterilizer is commonly used to sterilize forceps, scissors, tweezers, scalpels, needles, inoculation loops and etc. And the small size makes it be placed on any Laminar Air Flow Work benches or any other works tables in a clean room atmosphere.
H2O2 Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer
Product introduction:  BIOBASE Plasma sterilizer takes H2O2 as sterilizing agent and  from plasmatic state of H202 by electromagnetic field under low  temperature. It co...
Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer
Negative pressure working system: to guarantee in the whole operation process of EO gas overflow, even if there is   leakage, and outside air into the cavity. Automatic safety monitoring functions: real-time monitoring of the sterilization chamber pressure changes.
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