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Elisa Microplate Reader BIOBASE-EL10A

BIOBASE EL-10A Elisa microplate reader, equipped with LCD touch screen display, able to monitor timely and print testing results directly.


It is widely used in the fields of hospital clinical diagnosis, immune pathology testing, microbial antigen and antibody detection, parasitic diseases diagnosis, blood disease diagnosis, endocrine disorder measure, plant diseases and insect pets’ studies etc.

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1. Industrial grade color LCD display, touch screen operation.

2. Eight channel optical fiber measurement system, imported detector.

3. Center positioning function, accurate and reliable.

4. Three kinds of linear vibration plate function.

5. Unique open Cut-Off judgment formula, Think what you think.

6. End point method, two point method, dynamics, single / dual wavelength test mode.

7. Configure the inhibition rate measurement module, dedicated to the field of food safety

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