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Plasma Air Sterilizer (wall mounted)


Hospital, Manufacturing Facility, Food & Beverage Factories, Public Places

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Free & flexible sterilization

Accurate time display

Adjustable air flow speed

Sterilize air by plasma

Built-in negative ion generator

Self-inspect and warning

Initial & mid effect filter

Multiple sensors to inspect air quality, temperature & RH                                                                                               Multi-point particle monitoring (PAB-L100)

Infrared sensor to achieve automatic sterilization (PAB-L100)

High efficiency filter, filter with porosity <0.5 Micron
Can monitor air quality & air cleanliness
Work by automatic, manual and on schedule
Plasma Generator life span at least 25,000 Hrs


Allow existence of people when working
Energy saving design

Sliding panel (wall mounted)                                                                                                                        

Work by manual, automatic and on schedule Manual

Intelligent warnings

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