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Climate Incubator BJPX-A(II) Series

Safety function:

1.Over temperature protection.

2.Temperature sensor for open circuit or short circuit protection.

3.Auto-off protection and alarm for abnormal situation.

4.Parameters can be saved automatically when power off or system error.

          Temperature/Humidity area table

Blue area: Illumination on, 18~45°C/50%~80%RH

Red area: Illumination off, 14~45°C/50%~90%RH


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1.Microprocessor PID control, accurate and stable.

2.Magnetic door sealing.

3.The three sides special glasses ensure good heat insulating ability and desired light intensity.

4.Auto defrost without influence on the inner temperature.

5.CFC-free refrigerant, eco-friendly and highly efficient.


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