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Large Capacity Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

Widely used for textiles, metal utensils, filters, glassware, animal cage and feed, medium (liquid product stored in open container).

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1. Main body: It adopts double layer structure. The chamber corner adopts circular arc transition, with no cleaning dead corner and anti-corrode.

2. Sealing door: double motor-driven door, compressed air technology.

   304 stainless steel door, safety interlock, double door interlock.

3. Sterilizer control system:

    Siemens PLC: with advanced control function, large storage and fault free operation time up to 50000 hours

    Micro-computer touch screen: with Multi-function and three levels password protection.

4. Printer: It achieves real-time output by micro needle printer, could output the “pressure, temperature, time, F0value” and other parameters and curves conveniently.

5. Temperature, pressure transmitter setting:

    Dual core temperature transmitter, work on system temperature and sterilization recording.

    Pressure transmitter: jacket and chamber sets separately.

6. Sterilizer pipeline system:

   ASCO seat pneumatic valve

   Water ring type vacuum pump

   High function biology filter, Teflon filter core

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