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Blood Centrifuge


Erythrocyte washing centrifuge realizes perfect separation with precise timer to seconds within 3 minutes, mainly used in the separation and washing of lymphocyte and erythrocyte.

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* Microprocessor control;

LED display: speed, RCF, time,conversion of RPM/RCF.

* Alarm: lid open, imbalance, over speed, rotor mounting abnormally. 氺 DC Brushless motor, special damping device make the motor run

steady, free maintenance;

External cold-rolled steel with powder coating, stainless steel centrifugal chamber and lid.

* Special ventilation design can avoid higher temperature to protect samples. Samples temperature only rise 5°C under 4000rpm for long time running.

It adopts the methods of pulse width modulation (PWM) to realize fast brake with second grade vibration absorber and effectively guarantees the fast stop without suspension.

* Function: automatically electronic lid lock, over speed, over temperature and imbalance protection, emergency lid-lock release, inching function, short-spin function, memory flashing function.

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