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Cassette Sterilizer
It is used for the repaid sterilization of small instruments in stomatology, ophthalmology, E.N.T. department, gynecology, operating room, etc.
Large Capacity Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer
Widely used for textiles, metal utensils, filters, glassware, animal cage and feed, medium (liquid product stored in open container).
Glass Bead Sterilizer
Application:     The glass bead sterilizer is commonly used to sterilize forceps, scissors, tweezers, scalpels, needles, inoculation loops and etc. And the small size makes it be placed on any Laminar Air Flow Work benches or any other works tables in a clean room atmosphe...
Table top autoclave Class N series
Autoclaves are equipment for sterilizing widely used in microbiology, medicine, podiatry, tattooing, body piercing, veterinary science, mycology, dentistry, and prosthetics fabrication. They vary in size and function depending on the media to be sterilize...
Table top autoclave Class B series
BKM-ZB series sterilizer is an automatic high temperature and  pressure rapid sterilizer which works with steam as medium.  It can be widely used in department of&nb...
Table Top Autoclave Sterilizer Class B
BKMB(III) series sterilizer is an automatic high temperature and  pressure rapid sterilizer which works with steam as medium.  It can be widely used in department&nb...
Table top Autoclave Sterilizer Class S
BKM-S series Class S autoclave is an automatic high temperature and pressure rapid sterilizer which works with steam as  medium. It can be widely used in medica...
Hand Wheel Type Vertical Autoclave
Application range: There are 5 fixed programs and 4 DIY programs according to  different sterilization objects such as dressings, equipment,  tools, rubber, liqui...
Flip-open door type vertical autoclave
Application range: Vertical Autoclave is mainly used in hospitals, laboratories, universities and other institutes where users need to sterilize temperature-resistance solid and liquid.
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