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Manifolds Vacuum Filtration
1.It can be widely used in chemistry analysis, pharmaceutical, sanitation test, water quality analysis, science research fields and so on. 2.It is convenient to filtrate several samples at the same time. 3.Each holder has individual control valve, so one vacuum pump can support op...
Solvent Filtration Apparatus
Solvent filter is a regular device of chemistry lab, it is indispensable equipment for HPLC analysis. This device can also be used in instrumental analysis, sanitary inspection, pharmaceutical industry, pesticide liquid filtration, petroleum, environmental monitoring fields. It can monitor an...
Active Carbon Filter
Broadly applied to various air conditions and ventilation systems, removing low concentrations of organic pollutions and odor.
Primary Filter
Pre-filters for AHUs and other ventilation systems; Pre-filters for gas turbines; Special industries such as nuclear, defense; Circulation filtration system in clean room; Pre-filters for HEPA filtration systems in limited area.
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