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BIOABSE "March 8" International Women's Day

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BIOABSE "March 8" International Women's Day

As the "March 8" International Women's Day is approaching, all employees of Meihua International extend holiday congratulations and best wishes to all the goddesses.


On the morning of March 8, the male gods of Meihua International waited for the arrival of the goddesses at the elevator entrances on the 6th floor of the Brocade Group headquarters. When the goddesses of Meihua International come out of the elevator, they will receive flowers from the male gods of Meihua International. At the same time, Meihua Human Resources and Meihua Operations Department colleagues also carefully prepared KT boards with their own names and photos for everyone, and the male gods of Meihua International wrote their blessings.

We pay tribute to all the women who have contributed and their contributions to the development of Meihua International. We wish all women: Not only on March 8, but every day we hope you are strong, independent, brave and full of passion.



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