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BioelectronSeq 4000 Sequencer

BioelectronSeq 4000 System is a next generation sequencing system developed The system adopts Semiconductor Sequencing Technology. Working with clinical testing kits and automated data analysis & management software, it is ideal for clinical laboratories.

  • BioelectronSeq 4000


Sequencing throughput is moderate

Based on the innovative semiconductor chip sequencing technology, the base sequence is obtained by detecting the pH change caused by the H + ion current generated during DNA replication in real time. Select different types of chips, a run can produce 10Gb ~ 60Gb data, which is ideal for independent clinical diagnostic laboratories. 


Short Sequencing Time

The entire sequencing process takes only 2 hours, 3 runs per day can be completed, allowing clinical laboratory staff make full use of daily working hours and improve work efficiency. 

Long Read Sequencing

Sequencing average read-length up to 200bp, capable of sequencing the whole length of plasma cell-free DNA.


Strong Extensibility

Without no need of changing the hardware of instrument host, it can complete application of different sequencing read lengths and data flux by only using sequencing chips with different fluxes.

PI Chip:

165 million reaction wells 15 to 18 non-invasive test samples

PII Chip:

660 million reaction wells 50 to 60 non-invasive test sample


Friendly Interface

Easy operating system, friendly interface design, training, proficient use of the system after one-day training.



BioelectronSeq 4000

Sequencing Flux

PI chip: ≥ 10Gb; PII chip: ≥ 60Gb

Sequencing Read Lengths

PI chip: 200 bases; PII chip:100 bases

Effective Sequence Number

PI chip: ≥ 80 million; PII chip: ≥ 200 million

Sequencing time

2.5 hours

Current Library solutions

Ion AmpliSeq™ Library Kit

Ion Xpress™ Plus Fragment Library Kit

Ion TargetSeq™ Exome Kit

Ion Total RNA-Seq Kit

Data analysis solutions

Torrent Browser allows users to remotely access instrument status and monitor sequencing process using network connection; Variety of clinical data analysis plugins can complete clinical personalized data analysis automatedly and rapidly

Data Format

FASTQ, SFF, BAM and VCF etc.

Gas supply

Connection: 0.25 in one-key connection accessory

Pressure: 30 psi

Composition: nitrogen (grade 4.8, 99.998% or better)

Other connections

Ethernet: 1 GigE

USB: 2x USB 2.0

Instrument computer hardware

Processor: Dual 8-core Intel® Xeon® Sandy Bridge

Memory: 128 GB RAM

FPGA: Dual Altera® Stratix® V

GPU processor: 1x NVIDIA® Tesla® C2075

Storage: 11 TB (SSD and HDD)

Operating system: Ubuntu® 11.10

Standard Configuration

1. Gene Sequencer (BioelectronSeq 4000)

2. High-performance Server

3. Automatic Emulsion PCR Instrument (Ion OneTouch 2)

4.ES Magnetic Beads Nucleic Acid Purification Instrument (Ion OneTouch ES)

5. Multi Stage Pneumatic Control Valve

6. Sequencing Chip Centrifuge

7. Centrifuge Rotor

Working environment

(for indoor use only)

Temperature: 68 –77° F (20 –25° C); Humidity: 40–60%, noncondensing; Altitude: <6,500 ft (2,000 m); Clearances: 12 in (30.5 cm) in rear; 4 in (10 cm) on left side; 4 in (10 cm) on right side; 4 in (10 cm) from front edge of bench to sequencer bezel; 36 in (90 cm) aisle in front of bench for operator access

Power Supply

AC220V, 50/60Hz,1100VA; AC110V, 60Hz(Optional, External transformer)



Net Weight


Package Size(W*D*H)

1. Sequencer host: 900*610* 590mm

2. Sever: 1020* 860*920mm

3. ION OneTouch ES: 460*350* 330mm

4. ION OneTouch 2: 530*480*450mm

5. Ion torrent ionChip Minifuge; Ion Pronton rotor; Cord; and so on: 670*460* 540mm

Total: 5 pcs (3 Cartons+2 Pallets)

Gross Weight

1. Sequencer host:60kg

2. Sever: 50kg

3. ION OneTouch ES: 8kg

4. ION OneTouch 2: 12kg

5. Ion torrent ionChip Minifuge; Ion Pronton rotor; Cord; and so on: 6kg


Clinical Application:



Chromosomal Disease Test

Pre-production noninvasive gene test for chromosome aneuploidy (T21, T18, T13)

Pre-production noninvasive gene test for chromosome micro-deletion/micro-duplication

Gene test for chromosome abnormality

Gene Test for Hereditary Disease

Gene test for hereditary deafness (227 genes+ mitochondrial genome)

Gene test for 17 common genetic diseases

Gene test for Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy (DMD/BMD)

Gene test for clinical whole exome

Test for individual whole exome

Tumor-related Gene Test

Gene test for hereditary breast cancer/ovarian cancer (BRCA1/2)

Gene test for 18 hereditary tumors (64 genes)

Gene test for personalized medicine for lung cancer (12 genes)

Gene test for personalized medicine for colorectal cancer(14,22 genes)

Gene test for personalized medicine for breast cancer (10 genes)

Gene test for comprehensive pan-cancer medicine (52 genes)

Gene test for personalized chemotherapy medicine for tumor (10 genes)

Microbial Gene Test

Gene test for infectious pathogenic microorganism




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