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Meihua International Model Worker Award Ceremony went smoothly

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On April 25, 2021, the Meihua International Model Workers Award Ceremony was successfully held at the B1 Committee of Brocade Headquarters.03

At the beginning of the meeting, the host expressed a warm welcome to all colleagues for participating in this meeting and wished all colleagues a happy Labor Day. "The people's livelihood is diligent, and diligence does not give up." It is precisely because of labor creation that we have a glorious history; it is also because of labor creation that our Brocade Group has today's achievements.

Later, we submitted pennant ribbons and gifts for the model workers, and the winners beat the drums and passed the flowers to select business colleagues to perform talents for everyone. This is an opportunity to show ourselves and show the versatility of the colleagues of Meihua International and their ability to sing and dance.


Any worker who wants to stand up to the fore in the torrent of competition among hundreds of horses and thousands of sails, and win the advantage in the competition of not advancing or retreating, or being strong or weak, must study tirelessly and work diligently.08

Let us promote the spirit of work, inspire hard work, roll up our sleeves and work hard, move forward unimpeded, and sing the song of the laborers of the new era with unremitting struggle, and strive unremittingly for the realization of a Brocade community with a shared future.

Finally, I wish all colleagues a happy Labor Day!


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