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Products purchased by Venezuelan customers have been shipped

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Recently, BIOBASE Venezuela's long-term cooperative customer successfully won the bid for the comprehensive procurement project of the local government. Based on the recognition of the BIOBASE brand and the trust in the products, the Venezuelan customer purchased a batch of BIOBASE auto chemistry analyzer BK-200 and BK-280, the hematology analyzer BK-3100 and a large number of clinical chemistry reagents, with a total value of more than 140,000 US dollars.


After receiving the order, the BIOBASE factory is fully engaged in production, and after the production is completed, the shipment will be arranged at the fastest speed.


All products have been shipped on December 6th. The high efficiency of the work has been appreciated by the Venezuelan customers.


BIOBASE is specialized in medical and laboratory equipment, with more than 200 existing high-tech products. BIOBASE has obtained CE, ISO, SGS and other certifications. These products are exported to various regions at home and abroad. 


Until now, BIOBASE has long-term business partners in more than 190 countries. In order to better serve customers, BIOBASE has branches in the United States, Dubai and other places.





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