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2022 BIOBASE Group Meihua International September Purchasing Festival Award Ceremony was successfully held

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On October 8, 2022, the BIOBASE Group Meihua International 2022 September Purchasing Festival Award Ceremony ended successfully in Conference Room B1, Building 1, BIOBASE Group Headquarters. All business colleagues of BIOBASE Group Meihua International participated in the award ceremony.


At the beginning of the meeting, the person in charge of the operation department of Meihua conducted an analysis on the drainage effect of the procurement festival platform and the ransom money earned by each consortium during the procurement festival. Since then, the September 2022 Procurement Festival Awards Ceremony has officially kicked off.


In the expectation of everyone, the individual awards were announced one by one, and the winning warriors stepped on the podium to receive their own honors in a warm applause. With the strong support of Ms. Anna, President of Meihua International, BIOBASE Group, this prize has added many hidden prizes on the basis of the original, and the prizes are more generous. More consortium warriors took to the stage, excitedly summed up and shared their achievements and interesting stories during the procurement festival, and challenged higher goals with high fighting spirit.


Then, the Rich Ace Team Award and the Rich Elite Team Award were awarded in turn. This honor from the team is inseparable from the dedication of every team warrior. There must be perseverance." Every award-winning warrior needs to have the ambition to "be the top of the world" and the perseverance of "thousands of hardships and tenacity" in order to stand out in the fierce competition.


The last award was the store award. BIOBASE Group Meihua International Meihua District 4 and Meihua District 5 successfully defended the honor of the consortium with their strong strength and continued to write their "legend". As the saying goes, "starting a business is difficult, maintaining a business is even more difficult", but the Aliwawa Consortium and the CBC Consortium used their achievements to tell everyone that "where there is a will, things can be accomplished".


As the meeting drew to a close, Ms. Anna, President of Meihua International, BIOBASE Group, took the stage to express her congratulations to the award-winning warriors. They affirmed their hard work and victories in the past procurement festival, and placed high hopes on them in the new journey. At the same time, in the new round of strategic deployment, it is emphasized that the maintenance of new and old customers should be emphasized, and all members of the consortium are encouraged to continue to move forward bravely, to a higher level, and to draw a successful conclusion to this year.



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