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An effective and fast way to fight the new crown

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BIOBASE The Mobile PCR Chamber Laboratory

Containerized Lab

Rapid deployment to add instant testing capacity and is suited for remote locations.It can be transported to the place where the Coronavirus occurs. Centralized testing reduces the mobility of patients, thereby blocking the transmission of the virus and controlling the epidemic.


Mobile Laboratory

BIOBASE’s mobile testing laboratory is designed according to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for virus-infected areas where time to deploy testing is critical to save lives. Our new fully transportable mobile laboratories are meeting these challenges head-on when rapid deployment is required to roll out testing.

This turnkey solution makes the diagnostic unit easy to deploy in situations where preventing further spread of infectious diseases. The mobility of the unit makes it possible to respond to shifting demand due to the virus outbreak.

Flexible Applications

Applications for the laboratories are extensive and can be re-used for other applications. The units can be repurposed, as example, antibody serology testing, basic TB direct screening and HIV testing. In the mining industry the laboratories can be used for sample testing.



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