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Application and purchase guide of ELISA microplate washer

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The ELISA microplate washer can be used in manual and semi-automatic Enzyme-linked immunoassays, and generally need to be used together with the ELISA microplate reader. Among them, the ELISA microplate reader is used for colorimetric readings, and the ELISA microplate readerr is used for washing microplates. 

Selection guide for ELISA microplate washer

1. Key indicator: Level measurement of residue ≤ 2μL/hole

Residue is a key indicator to measure the washing effect of the ELISA microplate washer. The ELISA microplate washer with a large amount of residue has relatively poor washing effect. Most ELISA microplate washers have a residual volume of ≤5μL, and well-designed ELISA microplate washers can reach ≤2μL.


2. Provide an optional washing environment

It is recommended to choose the ELISA microplate washing with the functions of bottom flushing and two-point suction. Because bottom flushing is beneficial to reduce the interference adsorption at the bottom of the microplate, two-point liquid aspiration can greatly reduce the residual amount of microporous liquid. This is very effective for improving the washing effect. The number of washing times, the number of strips, soaking time, etc. are the basic parameters of the ELISA microplate washing , which can generally be met.


3. Investigate the reliability of the ELISA microplate washing and the reliability of the washing effect

The first is to examine the reliability of the ELISA microplate washing itself, that is, whether the design of the equipment can withstand long-term use, and whether it can ensure that the equipment can work during the service life, including display, precise movement, etc. The second is to investigate the reliability of the washing effect, that is, whether it can be washed clean, whether it can really replace or even be better than manual washing.


4. Is the after-sales service timely and the price reasonable?

The ELISA microplate washer is an equipment with a relatively high usage rate, and its frequency is dozens of times that of the ELISA microplate reader from the perspective of motion. Therefore, timely after-sales service and relatively reasonable service prices are factors that should be considered when buying the ELISA microplate washer.


BIOBASE Group has been engaged in the medical diagnosis service for more than 20 years, and its ELISA microplate washers have been sold to hundreds of countries. These ELISA microplate washers are suitable for flat bottom, round bottom, U-shaped bottom, and V-shaped bottom. And the performance of these ELISA microplate washer is higher than the recommended configuration requirements in the above-mentioned purchase guide. If you have a need for our ELISA microplate washer, BIOBASE would like to establish win-win business cooperation with distributors all over the world.


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