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BIOBASE 2022 Annual Entertainment Conference held successfully

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In order to welcome the arrival of the new year and successfully start the journey of 2022, on January 3, 2022, biobase Meihua International's annual Entertainment Conference of "Tiger Born to young" was successfully held in the hall on the first floor of Building 1, Boke group headquarters.


The meeting opened with a colorful dance "yes or yes", which not only promoted the atmosphere of the activity, but also led everyone to rush to a new journey. When the dance music was finished and the song began, everyone was intoxicated with the wonderful music atmosphere of "three lives and three lives". During the meeting, songs and dances complement each other, people laugh and laugh, and crosstalk sketches are rich and colorful.


Then, in order to express the blessings and celebrations to the award-winning employees and participants, the leaders led the employees of the business department to bring the activity to a climax with a song "the most dazzling national style". At the end of the activity, all employees sang "love each other" to celebrate the new year's day and welcome a better tomorrow.


In 2022, everything will be renewed, old will meet new years, and spring will have better flowers and branches. After a year of ups and downs and a year of hard work, we are all growing and changing. In the new year, a new journey, we are ready for the next journey


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