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BIOBASE & Access Abilities Expo 2023 exhibition successfully concluded

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On the afternoon of October 11, the 2023 AccessAbilities Expo successfully concluded. BIOBASE participated in the AccessAbilities Expo for the first time, provided the best product solutions for people with disabilities with all the strength and displayed the latest rehabilitation products.


BIOBASE focuses on the R&D and production of laboratories and medical equipment. BIOBASE has its own rehabilitation product factory and has always attached great importance to the upgrading and iteration of rehabilitation products. And the product types are rich and diverse, which can meet the various needs of people with limited mobility. BIOBASE has focused on upgrading the user's application experience, especially in terms of comfort and convenience.


BIOBASE multifunctional electric bed can change the position of the bed position through an electrical control system, providing complex postures for clinical needs such as back, bent legs, full lift, full forward tilt, full back tilt, etc., making it convenient for nursing staff to operate and effectively reducing the labor intensity .


BIOBASE electric wheelchair can be controlled through a mobile phone app and a smart universal remote control, freeing your hands, making it easy to operate, safe and reliable.


At the exhibition site, BIOBASE products attracted the attention of many visitors. BIOBASE exhibitors conducted on-site operation demonstrations for the customers, which greatly improved their understanding of product performance. At the same time, BIOBASE exhibitors also answered customers’ concerns one by one, which received recognition and appreciation from the customers.


In the future, BIOBASE will continue to adhere to the original aspiration of "market as the guide, technology as the pioneer", empower more laboratories and medical institutions with first-class products and services, and contribute to the progress of human health!



BIOBASE Group  is a new high-tech enterprise focusing on development, production and management of scientific equipment, In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD) instrument and reagent.


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