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BIOBASE Air Purifiers Safeguard Philippine Hospitals

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As of the WHO's last technical briefing in 2021, Omicron strains have appeared in 110 countries and regions around the world. According to data released by the WHO on January 6, the total number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases reported globally in the past seven days has increased by 71% compared with the number of newly confirmed cases in the previous week. Among the severe cases of new crowns worldwide, 90% of patients are not vaccinated against the new crowns. This means that health systems in many countries are at risk of collapse.


In this situation where the epidemic tends to be normalized, the air protection system of the hospital is particularly important. Many countries, including the Philippines, are actively stocking air protection products. Recently, the Philippines held an open tender for a hospital project. BIOBASE air purifiers successfully won the bid due to its excellent performance and high cost performance. A total of 35 units air purifiers won the bid this time.



Not long ago, 38 units air purifiers have been sent to Ecuador, and the 35 units air purifiers that won the bid for the Philippines project have also been shipped to the Philippines by sea. Large orders over and over again prove that this product has a very good effect in the medical market. In the future, we also hope that BIOBASE products can help more countries and regions.





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