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BIOBASE Group Singapore Branch on the official establishment

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On March 10, 2023, BIOBASE Group Singapore Branch was officially inaugurated. This is the fourth overseas branch of BIOBASE Group after the establishment of the United States Branch, India Branch, and Dubai Branch of BIOBASE.

Company Address:80 Marine Parade Rd, #11-04 Singapore 449269


Why choose Singapore?

Located in the core area of ASEAN, Singapore enjoys free trade with zero tariffs in ASEAN, which has signed bilateral trade agreements with many regions. It has a unique geographical location and obvious regional advantages.

As one of the important service and shipping centers in Asia, Singapore is also the fourth largest foreign exchange trading center in the world, attracting a large number of foreign trade industries.

图2In March this year, after a few days of visit and research, the branch address was finally determined as 80 Marine Parade Rd, #11-04 Singapore 449269.图3Significance of BIOBASE Singapore Branch
Adjacent to the east coast of Singapore, the geographical location is superior, and the living conditions are convenient. As the first stop for BIOBASE to set up a branch in Southeast Asia, BIOBASE Singapore Branch will continue to introduce local excellent technology and talents, setting a benchmark for the establishment of other overseas branches.

Relying on Singapore's economic and geographical advantages, BIOBASE can better expand its brand influence in Southeast Asia and further expand overseas markets.

In the future, we will speed up the pace of establishing other overseas branches, and show the style of BIOBASE multinational group to the world!



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