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BIOBASE Mobile PCR Chamber Laboratory Helps Molecular Diagnosis Research

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Today, BIOBASE mobile PCR chamber laboratory was shipped to Thailand by sea, this is the second mobile PCR chamber laboratory exported in five days.


This mobile PCR chamber laboratory is mainly used for molecular diagnostic research. For this reason, the mobile PCR chamber laboratory is mainly equipped with laminar flow cabinet, water purifier, refrigerators, centrifuges, mixers, pipettes, balance, biological safety cabinet, water bath, sterilizer, ELISA microplate reader, and ELISA microplate washer. This delivery adopts the method of separate delivery of accessories and mobile PCR chamber laboratory, which greatly ensures the safety of products during transportation.


The mobile PCR chamber laboratory meets the requirements of the enhanced medical BSL-2 laboratory, highly integrated with water, electricity, HVAC and other equipment, and equipped with the necessary instruments for the experiment. It adopts factory modular form a complete set. Compared with ordinary laboratories, the mobile PCR chamber laboratory has the advantages of flexible, fast and efficient. It is not limited by the location, and has very good environmental adaptability. In molecular diagnostic research, it can also better complete different experiments.



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