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BIOBASE Mobile PCR Chamber Laboratory Receives International Recognition

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Today, when the global epidemic is becoming more and more normal, anti-epidemic methods  more and more and new products have emerged one after another. In August 2020, the first mobile PCR chamber laboratory joined the team to help China fight COVID-19. Since then, this product has swept domestic hospitals at an extremely fast speed. As of now, most areas of the country have been equipped with mobile PCR chamber laboratory. However, compared with the domestic enthusiasm for mobile PCR chamber laboratory, foreign understanding of it is still at a preliminary stage, and its applications for mobile PCR chamber laboratory are even rarer.


As a manufacturer of mobile PCR chamber laboratory, BIOBASE has been vigorously promoting the application of it in the international market. Meanwhile, in order to control the continued spread of the COVID-19, Jamaica has publicly tendered hospital projects. BIOBASE took this as an opportunity to introduce the working principle, installation and voltage transformation of mobile PCR chamber laboratory to Jamaican customer, and promised to provide a full set of professional services for export mobile PCR chamber laboratory. This increased the trust of Jamaican customer in this product, and the customer used the mobile PCR chamber laboratory as a bid product for this hospital project. With the advantages of the product, it successfully won the bid for the Jamaican hospital project. The winning of the bid also marks the beginning of an increase in the recognition of the mobile PCR chamber laboratory in the international market.


The following will briefly introduce the mobile PCR chamber laboratory.

It meets the requirements of the enhanced medical BSL-2 laboratory. Highly integrated water, electricity, heating and ventilation equipment, equipped with equipment required for experiments. The mobile PCR chamber laboratory adopts a partition design, including three functional partitions: reagent preparation room, sample preparation room and PCR room, with independent buffer rooms. In addition, a washing room and equipment room also be configured. The pressure gradient in the mobile PCR chamber laboratory decreases step by step according to the direction of reagent preparation room—sample preparation room—PCR room, and the airflow direction is a one-way flow. 


It is precisely because of the small footprint, strong independence, easy management, recyclability, and high security levels of the mobile PCR chamber laboratory that it can play an extremely important role in China fights the COVID-19. The Jamaican hospital project won by BIOBASE mobile PCR chamber laboratory this time also provides a new way for other countries to fight the epidemic. At the same time, I also hope that BIOBASE mobile PCR chamber laboratory can help more countries in the current epidemic.


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