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BIOBASE New Product - Ultrapure Water Purifier BK-UP

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Water is called "the source of life" and plays a variety of roles besides daily drinking. According to different uses, the requirements for substances contained in water are also different. For example, laboratory water has strict requirements on the purity of water in order to ensure the accuracy of experimental test results.


What is ultrapure water

Laboratory pure water can be divided into 4 conventional grades: pure water, deionized water, laboratory grade II pure water and ultrapure water.

Among them, ultrapure water refers to water with a resistivity of 18 MΩ*cm (25℃). Except for water molecules, this kind of water has almost no impurities, nor any organic matter or mineral trace elements needed by the human body.


The use of ultrapure water

Ultrapure water can be used as water for almost all experiments, especially for standard laboratories such as high-sensitivity ICP/MS, isotope analysis, Center for Disease Control, Institute of Drug Control, Institute of Quality Control, scientific research in universities, and various high-end precision instruments.


How to get ultrapure water

At present, the laboratory ultrapure water purifier has become one of the laboratory water production equipment in various water industries.

First, the tap water is filtered through the precision filter element and activated carbon filter element of the ultra pure water Purifier BK-UP to remove particles such as sediment and odors. Then, the water quality is purified and desalinated through a reverse osmosis device, and the purified water enters the storage tank for storage.  The reverse osmosis pure water is then subjected to deep desalination treatment through a purification column to obtain ultrapure water.

BIOBASE ultrapure water Purifier BK-UP can also use uv and ultrafiltration devices to remove residual bacteria, particles, heat sources, etc. in water.


Features of BIOBASE ultrapure water Purifier

Water supply, RO water, UP water three water quality detection, all levels of consumables life alarm.

* 5 inch LCD screen, real-time display of running status.

* It has the function of taking water at regular time.

* High and low pressure protection function.

* Automatically shut down when water is cut off, automatically shut off water when shut down.

* Automatic washing after starting, effectively extend the life of filter element.

* Pressure water, to meet different customer requirements.


BIOBASE laboratory ultrapure water purifier is suitable for various experimental water, medical water, cell culture water, etc., with a wide range of applications. If you have requirements for related equipment, please contact us.


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