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BIOBASE Products Won the Nigerian Government Project

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According to the 2019-2020 Total Population Census of Nigeria, its total population has exceeded 200 million, making it the most populous country in Africa, accounting for 16% of the total population of Africa. Under the current epidemic situation, vaccination is an important measure for effective epidemic prevention and control. The Nigerian government plans to vaccinate 40% of the country’s population by the end of this year, and 70% of eligible people by the end of 2022. This means that at least 140 million vaccines are needed. At the same time, the development of these vaccines and The demand for supporting medical equipment in storage is also increasing.


In order to ease the pressure of demand for medical devices supporting vaccines as soon as possible, the Nigerian government has launched tenders for various medical devices. BIOBASE won a bid with its high-quality product quality, competitive product price, perfect after-sales service and BIOBASE brand advantage. Recently, BIOBASE products were sent out from three factories at the same time, and these products were won the Nigerian government project. The main products that won the bid this time are 10 biological safety cabinets and 29 medical freezers. These products can be used for vaccine development and storage, respectively, to help the smooth progress of Nigeria's vaccination plan.


In addition to this successful bid for the government project, BIOBASE has also achieved certain results in the development of the Nigerian market. We successfully cooperated with local powerful distributors and set up the exclusive agent of the biological safety cabinet. We also hope that through in-depth cooperation with the Nigerian biological safetfy cabinet exclusive agent, we can learn more about the needs of the local market, continuously optimize products and services, and achieve greater results in the development of the Nigerian market.



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