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BIOBASE Shows the Group's Strength at the MEDLAB Exhibition

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Founded in 1984, MEDLAB is an exhibition of experimental instruments and testing equipment in the Middle East. From January 24 to January 27, 2022, BIOBASE Group brought medical diagnostic equipment, laboratory equipment and anti-epidemic materials to the MEDLAB exhibition held at the Dubai World Trade Center in the UAE. This time, BIOBASE fully shows its strength in the medical field to experts, scholars, practitioners and partners.

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During the exhibition, customers who were invited to participate in the exhibition expressed their high recognition of our products by visiting our booth and ordered more than 900,000 virus sampling tubes at one time. Antigen test kit  have also received widespread attention due to their CE, Bfarm certification and rapid detection. At the same time, new products such as chemiluminescence immunoassay system and sample processing system exhibited at this exhibition have also attracted much attention, showing strong market competitiveness.

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As a group focusing on the medical industry, BIOBASE has been continuously driving product updates and iterations through innovation to help social development. Therefore, under the current situation, BIOBASE has received more and more attention. During this exhibition, many visitors walked into the BIOBASE booth to learn about the technical parameters and performance indicators of the products, and fully affirmed BIOBASE's technology and innovation. Many cooperation intentions were also received on the spot.

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For a long time, BIOBASE has been actively participating in the free exchange and cooperation of international trade. The products exhibited by BIOBASE and the solutions in the medical field greatly demonstrate the strength of BIOBASE. In the future, BIOBASE will continue to deepen the communication with customers in the Middle East. Manufacture products through innovative technologies, and make greater contributions to the development of world medical care.

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In this booth, the antigen test kit is widely recognized, mainly because it has obtained CE and Bfarm certification, and has advantages such as rapid detection, nasopharyngeal swabs, and various packaging options. Other anti-epidemic materials also shined. Customer who was in contact with us ordered more than 900,000 virus sampling tubes at one time after visiting the BIOBASE booth. These products are characterized by professionalism, innovation and safety, and can meet the detection and experimental needs in different scenarios.


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