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BIOBASE Spot goods Limited promotion

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This activity is only for the 8 models of products participating in the activity, and they must be shipped in the bonded area.


Option 1: Full gift

The total order                                      Free gift

From 10,000 to 15000USD                one unit of BKYG-I or BYKG-VII

From 15,000 to 20000USD                one unit of FH700

More than 20000USD                         BKYG-I and BYKG-VII


Option 2: Discount

Buy 1-3 units, 3% discount can be enjoyed;

Buy 4-6 units, 6% discount can be enjoyed;

Buy 7-10 units, 10% discount can be enjoyed;


Option 3: Activities for exclusive agents

If the exclusive agent purchases BSC-6FA2/11236, a shaker and a pipette will be given;

If the exclusive agent purchases any products except BSC-6FA2/11236, a free shaker will be given;


Note.1: Only one of the three plans can be selected, and cannot be used at the same time.

Note.2: The discount is only for activity products


The promotion of this event is unprecedented, and all product discounts will stop when they are sold out, so hurry up and buy.


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