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BIOBASE Sterilization new Products: Ozone Air Sterilizer

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Do you know what ozone is?

Ozone is mainly produced by nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds through a series o0f complex nonlinear photochemical reactions. Ozone has strong oxidizing and bactericidal properties, so ozone is an efficient oxidant. At the same time, ozone is often used in the disinfection and sterilization of beverages, air purification, bleaching, water treatment and drinking water disinfection, etc.


The role of ozone air sterilizer

Ozone Air Sterilizer uses the strong oxidizing properties of ozone gas to make pathogenic microorganisms lose their vitality, eventually dissolve and die. Ozone disinfection has a good disinfection effect on common bacterial spores, viruses, fungi, etc. It is suitable for static disinfection of indoor air in families, schools, libraries, restaurants, etc.


Features of ozone air sterilizer

1.Built-in high-concentration heat-dissipating generator, high sterilization efficiency.

2.High-brightness digital tube display is used to visually display the working status of the sterilizer.

3.The appearance is small and light, and it is made of metal material through modern moisture-proof technology, so it does not hide dirt.

4.Infrared remote control operation mode is adopted, which is convenient for users to operate and safer.

3Kind tips

Because of its toxicity, ozone air sterilizer cannot coexist with humans.


In addition to ozone air sterilizer, BIOBASE also has a variety of different types of air disinfection products, such as UV air sterilizer, atomizing disinfection robot etc. If you are interested in our products, welcome to send us a private message.


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