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BIOBASE Sterilizers that won the bid for the UN project have been shipped

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UN have been actively participating in humanitarian rescue, emergency rescue and development assistance.Recently, the winter relief supplies provided by UNHCR arrived in Afghanistan by plane.

At the same time, BIOBASE second batch of goods winning the bid for the UN sterilizer project will also be completed in the near future, and it will send to Afghanistan to help the development of the local medical services.


This time we will ship 10 sets of 350L sterilizer model BKQ-350DD-A. Taking this opportunity, we specially came to the sterilizer factory to witness with everyone.The production line in front of us produces our star product—the vertical sterilizer BKQ series.We can see that the 10 sets of sterilizers shipped this time have all been packaged and placed in an orderly manner in the area to be shipped.


And in order to maintain stability during transportation, the staff reinforced each sterilizer with a rope.After the workers counted and inspected the 10 sterilizers, the truck drove out of the factory and embarked on the road to Afghanistan.We hope that through this cooperation, we can gain a better understanding of the Afghan market, continuously optimize products and services, and achieve substantial development in the local area.


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