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BIOBASE appears at the 2023 CACLP

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On May 28th, the 20th CACLP was grandly opened at Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center. As a grand event in the IVD industry, it has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign IVD companies and exhibitors to gather here.


BIOBASE exhibited at CACLP 2023 with new IVD products, incubators, cold chain and other popular products.

As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development, production and management of scientific instruments, in vitro diagnostic (IVD) instruments and reagents, BIOBASE has accumulated a lot of experience in the innovation and production of IVD areas, and has continuously launched high-quality products.


In this exhibition, several popular products represented by BIOBASE auto chemistry analyzer BK-1200 and auto elisa processor BIOBASE4001 attracted many overseas and domestic customers to stay and learn about. The on-site staff introduced the performance characteristics of the product to customers from multiple perspectives, and interpreted innovative advantages and professional quality with their strength.


BIOBASE auto chemistry analyzer BK-1200 is the latest "flagship" product of BIOBASE, with a constant speed of 800 tests/hour. Besides, it can detect 90 items at the same time and work continuously for 24 hours. BIOBASE auto chemistry analyzer has won the favor of thousands of customers for its ultra-high testing speed and accuracy.


Auto ELISA processor BIOBASE4001 is a fully automatic detection equipment that integrates sample loading, incubation, shaking, washing, and reading. As a fully automatic ELISA test platform, it is widely used in hospital laboratories, disease prevention and control centers, blood centers, scientific research institutions, university laboratories and other places to make laboratory testing more efficient and accurate.


At the exhibition site, BIOBASE staff patiently and diligently answered questions and demonstrated products for visiting customers. Not only that, BIOBASE also introduced the grand occasion of this exhibition and BIOBASE exhibited products to overseas customers through live broadcast. The rigorous work attitude and professional service of BIOBASE staff won unanimous praise from the audience.


The 2023 CACLP exhibition is still going on. This exhibition is not only a grand event for the IVD industry, but also a harvest trip for BIOBASE. BIOBASE will continue to explore deeply in the medical industry and continuously provide users with higher quality products and services.78


BIOBASE Group  is a new high-tech enterprise focusing on development, production and management of scientific equipment, In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD) instrument and reagent.


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