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BIOBASE products again won the bid for Indonesian government projects

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According to information released by the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, Chinese vaccine companies have exported 215 million doses of vaccines to Indonesia, accounting for more than 80% of the total vaccines obtained in Indonesia. In addition to actively supporting Indonesia to build a regional vaccine production center, China also assists the development of Indonesia's medical industry.


Recently, BIOBASE has also supported the development of Indonesia's medical industry and actively bid for the Indonesian government laboratory procurement project. The total value of the purchased goods is over 180,000 US dollars. The products involved mainly include 26 units compounding hood, 80 units incubators, 31 units hotplate magnetic stirrers, 75 units shakers, 235 units balances, and 63 units forced air drying ovens. These products will play a role in the establishment of laboratories in Indonesia.


During long term friendly bilateral cooperation relationship with customers, BIOBASE is always being trusted.The customers purchase BIOBASE made goods, at the mean time, more and more customers are willing to buy a variety of goods from BIOBASE.

ln order to satisfy customers demand and ensure customers benefit, BIOBASE made field trip to many suppliers in China, controlled the product quality strictly in stead of customers, as well as strived from the suppliers to get competitive pricing. Currently, BIOBASE has confirmed many OEM partners and will keep searching for more suppliers upon customers request.


In the future, BIOBASE hopes to provide more countries and regions with market-competitive products, and help all over the world to achieve great development in the medical industry.


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