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Deeper cooperation in the Indonesian market

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Economic and trade exchanges are frequently refreshed. China and Indonesia have cooperated in various fields rely on the Belt and Road Initiative. According to information released by the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, on the afternoon of July 27th, 2021, 21.2 million doses of domestic vaccine materials arrived in Indonesia. Up to now, China has provided over 150 million doses of vaccines to Indonesia.


In order to meet the storage needs of vaccines and other medical reagents, Indonesian customers have reached a long-term agreement with BIOBASE to continue to purchase medical and laboratory refrigerators. A total of 69 refrigerators with different temperatures were purchased this time. BIOBASE Group attaches great importance to the Indonesian market. We can provide Indonesian customers with more professional consulting and better services by setting up exclusive agents in this area.


BIOBASE Group has been focusing on the manufacturing of medical products such as refrigerators, chemical analyzers, nucleic acid extraction system, and biological safety cabinets since 1999. BIOBASE has passed CE, ISO, SGS and other certifications. These products are exported to various regions at home and abroad. Until now, BIOBASE has long-term business partners in more than 190 countries.


At present, refrigerators have reached agreements with Indonesian customers and shipped. At the same time, BIOBASE multiple best-selling products have also been successfully registered as the Indonesian government procurement catalog. It is expected to reach more high-volume product cooperation with the Indonesian government in the future.


BIOBASE Group  is a new high-tech enterprise focusing on development, production and management of scientific equipment, In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD) instrument and reagent.


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