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Definition and precautions of constant-temperature incubator

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Definition and precautions of constant-temperature incubator


Ⅰ The definition of constant-temperature incubator

Constant-temperature incubator is used for scientific research in the fields of medical and health, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry, industrial production and agricultural science for bacterial culture, breeding, fermentation and other constant temperature tests.


Ⅱ Precautions for use of constant-temperature incubator

① Flammable and volatile chemicals not in the box.

② If in the course of the odor, odor smoke, immediately turn off the power supply, users do not blindly repair.

③ The surface of the walls of the box liner and equipment to regular cleaning to maintain cleanliness, increase the transparency of the glass. Do not use acids, alkalis or other corrosive solution to wipe the outer surface.

④ Device unused for long periods, unplug the power cord in order to prevent equipment damage, and periodically (usually quarterly) by the conditions of use to run 2-3 days to get rid of the moisture of the electrical part, to avoid damage of the device.


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