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Demystifying the Medicine Stability Test Chamber

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Application principle
The Medicine Stability Test Chamber mainly measures the long-term stable temperature, humidity and light environment required for medicine failure evaluation by simulating the temperature, humidity and light test in the environmental climate.


Application field

At present, Medicine Stability Test Chambers are used in biology, medicine, chemical industry, colleges, and research institutes to conduct high-humidity tests, accelerated tests, long-term tests, and strong light irradiation tests on drugs. The scientific, true and reliable data and results provide suitable solutions.


Features of Medicine Stability Test Chamber

The Medicine Stability Test Chamber are divided into different models according to different capacities. The interior of the Medicine Stability Test Chambers can be precisely controlled for temperature and humidity. At the same time, the Medicine Stability Test Chamber is equipped with fans to form air circulation and improve temperature uniformity inside the cabinet.In addition, the Medicine Stability Test Chamber supports USB export of 600 days of historical data, which is more convenient to use.



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