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Difference between Incubator and BOD Incubator

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BOD incubators are used in pharmaceutical microbiological analysis to incubate the plates containing media. BOD incubator is different for normal incubator.

Incubation is the length of time in which humidity, temperature, among other environmental factors are utilized toprovide the required growth and development level of microbial culture. Therefore, an incubator is a device whichallows the incubation process to occur. Here, all optimal conditions for microbial culture growth are maintained. Incubator relies on the principle of thermo-electricity, where a thermal gradient is created through maintaining of a constant temperature by the thermostat possessed by the device.

The predetermined pressure, 37°Celsius, is set while power is being supplied to the incubator's circuit. This temperature is maintained by the compatibility operation of the major components; the temperature controller,temperature sensor, and temperature contactor. The term incubator is generally used to refer to the BOD incubators among other types of incubators which are designed to operate at different temperature levels. In the pharmaceutical industry, there exist two types of incubators, the bacteriological incubator and the BOD incubator.

Therefore,the difference between an incubator and BODincubator is basically the temperature. As indicated above, a standard incubator is mainly run at 37°Celsius and has onlythe heating option. On the other hand, a BOD incubator has both heating and cooling options and it is mainly run at lower temperatures, like 10° Celsius. Another difference between anincubator and BOD incubator is revealed through their working principles. For instance, electricity is supplied via the Miniature Circuit Breakers before setting of the temperature through an advanced PID temperature regulator, mostly at 20° Celsius.


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