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Fluorescence quantitative Detection System for COVID-19 Testing

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Principle of Fluorescent Quantitative Detection System:

Fluorescent Quantitative Detection System uses fluorescence quantitative PCR technology, fluorescent chemical substances that can trace amplification products are added during PCR reaction. After each cycle, the fluorescence intensity signal is collected once to obtain a fluorescence amplification curve, so as to monitor the change of the product amount in real time through the change of fluorescence intensity, and quantitatively analyze the starting template.



Application scenario of Fluorescent Quantitative Detection System:

It used to detect COVID-19 ORF1ab and N genes.

It can be widely used for Infectious disease research, Food pathogen detection, Waterborne pathogen detection,Pharmaceutical analytics, Stem cell research, Pharmacogenomics research, Oncology and genetic disease research,Plant sciences and agricultural biotechnology.


Advantages of BIOBASE Fluorescent Quantitative Detection System:

(1) Excellent temperature control performance of the instrument, the maximum temperature rise and fall 25.0 ℃/s.

(2) No edge effect, no optical path correction, top excitation/detection, non-contact measurement.

(3) Fluorescence detection adopts MPPC sensor with high sensitivity.

(4) Long-life LED light source, stable emission wavelength, maintenance-free.

(5) 4-channel fluorescence detection, no cross interference between channels.

(6) User-friendly and fully functional software, flexible program setting, comprehensive analysis and reporting functions,all the parameters can be stored.


BIOBASE Fluorescence Quantitative Detection System can realize online real-time observation, the result judgment is more intuitive, and the interference of human factors can be avoided. If you are interested in BIOBASE products, please feel free to contact us!



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