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Hematology analyzer and hematology reagent

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Hematology analyzer is one of the most widely used instruments for clinical testing in hospitals. It can be divided into human use and veterinary use according to the different objects of use. The hardware of the two instruments is the same, but the difference lies in the software, in other words, the algorithm and reference range are different. It is worth noting that a veterinary hematology analyzer isn’t suitable for all kinds of animals.


Generally speaking, the hematology analyzer takes a long time and consumes more reagents when it is started. The sample test after the hematology analyzer start is about once a minute. At present, hematology analyzers on the market can be divided into 3 part hematology analyzers and 5 part hematology analyzers.

The following table shows the difference of 3 part hematology analyzer and 5 part hematology analyzer

(3 part hematology analyzer BK-6190)        (5 part hematology analyzer BK-6130)



Hematology reagents are also indispensable in the use of hematology analyzer. Hematology reagents include hemolytic agents, diluents, cleaning solutions and concentrated cleaning solutions. Among them, hemolytic agent is used to destroy RBC, ensure WBC count, perform WBC classification and HGB detection; diluent is used to maintain the volume and shape of cells, and form a conductive environment; cleaning solution and concentrated cleaning solution are used for maintenance of pipes, needles, and counting pools And maintenance.


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