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High-throughput Nucleic Acid Detection Workstation

  • 1-96




Automatic sealing machine

The automatic sealing machine is a fully automatic equipmentfor sealing PCR plates, deep well plates, microplates, etc. It caneffectively prevent sample loss and cross-contamination, andmeet the diverse needs of laboratories.


Samples In, Results Out

The nucleic acid detection pipeline solution realizes from sample input to

Full automation of results analysis.


Daily Detection Capacity ≥ 6000 tubes

4-channel independent capping machine, 4-channel high-precision pipetting, can complete the processing of 96 samples within 30 minutes.


Efficient &Precise

Automated mechanical operation to reduce human error

Equipped with a fast PCR system to improve experimental efficiency


Sample zero contact

It can complete the loading of the original tube, capping and sub-cup, nucleic acid extraction, PCR system

The whole process of construction and amplification detection is automated, avoiding manipulation

The staff has direct contact with the samples to be processed.

Introduction(This set of assembly line scheme is mainly composed of the following 4 parts)


LEIA-X4 Fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument

The fluorescent PCR analysis system is very suitable for multiple combined detection of infectious disease pathogens, and can be linked to an external output system to realize full automation of the entire program from sample loading to result output.


BK-AutoHS96Pro Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor

The automatic nucleic acid extractor is a high-throughput sample nucleic acid processing system tailored for large laboratories, PCR shelters, inspection centers, disease control centers, and hospital inspection departments. The daily processing capacity is greater than 6,000 tubes, which can realize flow loading of samples and consumables without stopping the machine midway. It can complete the loading of the original tube, capping and dividing into cups, nucleic acid extraction, and PCR system construction. To avoid direct contact between operators and samples to be processed, multiple biosafety protection measures greatly reduce the risk of infection of operators and the risk of cross-contamination between samples.


Automatic sample loading components

The automatic sample loading component uses the robotic arm to complete the continuous sample loading function of multiple sample containers, which realizes the high-throughput standard of the program, improves efficiency, and has stable continuous operation capabilities. The entire assembly line scheme adopts a closed extraction chamber design, with a unique anti-aerosol cross-contamination device and a UV ultraviolet disinfection system to achieve full-process biological safety protection. Comprehensive security considerations greatly enhance the reliability of this solution.

Technical Parameters




Daily inspection volume ≥ 6000 tubes

Adding Sample


Temperature Accuracy


Temperature Uniformity


Module Temperature Range


Sample Volume


Fluorescence Channel

4 channels, FM , VIC , ROX , Cy5

Machine Function

Putting the original tube on the machine + sample splitting + nucleic acid extraction + R C R system construction + amplification detection

Sample Loading Method

Flow loading, single sample volume 96

Consumables Added

Flowing consumables, running without stopping

Liquid Detection Scheme

Pneumatic liquid level detection scheme, intelligent detection of blocked needle

Sample Needle Specifications

50μl, 200μl, 1000μl optional, disposable black conductive needle with filter

Sampling Tube Adaptation

Suitable for conventional 5mL, 10mL, 20/30mL virus sampling tubes

Protective Function

Power-on self-test, high temperature alarm, over-temperature protection, needle removal and needle removal protection

Disinfection &Decontamination Methods

UV lamp (cup compartment + extraction compartment + extraction area + sealing compartment + testing compartment), multi-directional disinfection

Touch Screen

Four 10.1-inch capacitive touch screens

External Size


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