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How To Install Biological Isolation Chamber

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How To Install Biological Isolation Chamber

Product Performance Characteristics and Range of Application

Biological Isolation Chamber is mainly used for transport and isolated protect infectious items in the process of test. It can cut off the route of transmission of pathogens, prevent virus spread further, protect the environment from pollution and reduce the infection rate of the public health.


Range of Application:

1. Hospital, clinic, emergency center and infectious disease hospital where the people crowded and infectious disease centralized.

2. All kinds of the entry and exit ports, airports, docks, stations, including disease, disease prevention and control center and other places.

Working principle:

The clean units can build and maintain a negative pressure environment in the chamber, the polluted air in the chamber cann't overflow without purification, so as to protect the health care workers effectively; the fresh air outside can real-time supplement into the chamber after purified, in order to maintain reasonable fresh air in the chamber. With the medical PVC gloves through the portals, the health care workers can perform simple patient nurse.


1. Open the box, check items according to the packing list carefully.

2. Biological isolation chamber should be used in conjunction with a stretcher. It should be placed on the expanded stretcher, bind the stretcher with the fixing strap from the bottom, fix the snap joint, and adjust the length of the fixing strap to fix the stretcher, and fasten the fixing strap to the litter of the stretcher.

3. Unfastening the zipper, place folded plate into the chamber, please put the bigger end away from the HEPA filters. Since the zipper is waterproof, please open it slowly to prevent damage.

4. Straightening the fixing strap, straightening it out from the opening of base plate. And then zip up the zipper to seal the chamber. As shown in the picture below:

5. Open the zipper of glove portals, nest and impact the gloves to the portals, this step can be done in the chamber.

6. Turn on the power switch, the isolation chamber starts to work. Check the negative pressure, power supply on the display panel; If abnormal, the negative pressure alarming light and/or the battery alarming light will flicker.


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