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How to Choose the Right Pipette Tips

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There are so many different kinds of tips to choose from. How do you know which is the best for your pipette and situation? Never fear, that’s what we BIOBASE are here for.


If there is any variation in the shape of the pipette tips, your pipetting will not be precise. Any minor sample variation can impact results in a negative way. You will want to steer away from cheap tips and buying good quality is generally safer to get minimum variability between tips.0510官网01

The accuracy of your pipette can be affected if the tip does not fit your particular pipette properly. Choosing a tip that is a good fit for your pipette can be a tricky business. 


There is always the option to go for the tips that the pipette manufacturer sells, if available. But, very often, the best option for your pipette and application is to use high-quality universal tips.

These universal tips can be used with most micropipettes on the market. Universal tips are designed to fit securely and tightly around all pipette barrels, which vary slightly in diameter from manufacturer to manufacturer. But of course, all universal tips are not made equal, so you must carefully examine the choices.

BIOBASE tips are compatible with a broad range of industry leading pipettes, and we can provide high-quality universal filter tips.

Non-Filter/Non-Barrier or Standard Pipette Tips

You can use non-filter/non-barrier, or standard, pipette tips for many non-sensitive applications. Commonly, laboratories use these tips to load agarose gels, isolate plasmid DNA, and other similar applications.

Filter tips are good ‘training wheels’ for newbies. Many times pipette contamination occurs when a new lab member accidentally aspirates liquid into the pipette itself. It is much easier, and cost effective, to throw away a tip than to send the entire pipette in for repair. 



No matter which tip you choose, low-retention is a key feature. Low-retention tips do exactly as the name suggests—retain low levels of liquid. If you’ve ever looked at a standard pipette tip, you might see a little bit of liquid left after dispensing. Low-retention tips reduce this from happening because they have a hydrophobic plastic additive that keeps the liquid from sticking to the inside of the tips.

BIOBASE Filter Tips can meet all your need, if you have any questions, you can directly contact our engineers and sales manager.


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