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How to choose an autoclave for a dental office?

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Sterilization is performed to eliminate microorganisms and spores that may be present inside teeth to minimize the risk of infection.

By utilizing an autoclave of the class B kind, safe and effective sterilization of items that have come into touch with blood or Dental Equipment can be done. By utilizing steam, an autoclave sanitizes a dental operation. The heat generated by the steam then eliminates microorganisms.

Types of autoclaves for the dental clinic:

Various types of Autoclaves are classified based on the kind of instruments they can sterilize. The most popular kinds are:

Class B Autoclave:

They remove air within the chamber with the help of the vacuum pump, resulting in an atmosphere of negative pressure, which forces steam into. They can sterilize instruments with blind holes (turbines or contra-angles) and textile loads.

Class N autoclave:

The class N autoclave is the simplest one to operate. It only removes a small amount of the air using gravity, and steam produced pushes through the air. This is why they should not be used on instruments with cannulas or holes and are intended to be used with flat instruments like scalpels. These instruments aren't suitable for sterilizing bagged instruments and, in general, are not recommended for a dental clinic.


Important points before buying:

Sterilization cycle duration:

The time taken by an autoclave to complete a sterilization cycle should be examined before buying. Some autoclaves tend to be costlier due to their rapid cycle. For this reason, according to your requirements and budget, choose the suitable autoclave.

The autoclave price:

The prices of the autoclave are varied and depend on a number of parameters. Please make sure that you choose the most suitable one for you.

Capacity of autoclave:

The capacity ranges between 8 and 26 liters for autoclaves of Class B. The cost of autoclaves depends on their capacity. The larger the capacity of an autoclave, the greater the number of instruments sanitized during each cycle and the greater the quantity of energy used during each sterilization cycle. We must choose an autoclave with a capacity suitable to our needs since it is not advisable to acquire an autoclave with a larger capacity than is necessary.

Warranty and Technical Support:

Please check with the seller about the duration of the warranty and technical service

Autoclave Security System:

The autoclave should notify the user if any of the parameters that include constant temperature, pressure, water quality, and steam monitoring are not operating correctly.


Other factors to consider:

If you have a small to medium-sized clinic, you may choose an autoclave with a moderate capacity that is affordable. Instead of one big one, it is preferable to have two medium-sized autoclaves.

Consider purchasing a high-end model with great dependability and excellent technical assistance if you have a large facility where the autoclave is likely to be used often.

When purchasing an autoclave, remember that a Class B autoclave is required for dental clinics.


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