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How to choose the right low temperature freezer

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Low-temperature freezers are widely used in medical systems, blood systems, disease control systems, health systems, animal husbandry systems, major universities, research institutes, biomedical enterprises, as well as genetic engineering, life sciences and other fields. It can be used to store plasma, reagents and various items that need to be frozen. However, the freezing needs of different items are also different. The following will introduce how to choose a suitable low-temperature freezer.


Step 1: Choose the right storage temperature

Various items have corresponding storage temperature according to the different storage time.

Low temperature freezer are generally divided into: -25℃ freezer, -40℃ freezer, -60℃ freezer, -86℃ freezer and other temperature grades. The user can select the corresponding freezer according to the actual temperature required.


Step 2: Choose the style of the freezer

The freezer is generally divided into two types: vertical side door and horizontal top door.

To choose a vertical side door freezer: there are various categories of storage items that need to be classified and stored, the storage items need to be placed horizontally, and the placement area is limited.

To choose a horizontal top door freezer: open the door frequently, store similar items, and place the place with a large enough area.


Step 3: Choose the capacity

Select the appropriate capacity according to the volume of the stored items, and the maximum storage freezer should not exceed 80% of the volume inside the freezer.


Step 4: Choose Size

If the size of the item to be stored is too large, you should select a storage freezer with an appropriate internal size according to the length, width and height of the item. According to the door width and other dimensions of the place where it is placed, judge whether the outer size of the storage freezer is appropriate.


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