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Let's talk about Auto ELISA Processor BIOBASE4001

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Do you know what is a Auto ELISA Processor?

Recently, BIOBASE launched new products-Auto ELISA Processor BIOBASE4001. Today we will talk about the use of Auto ELISA Processor.

First of all, the Auto ELISA Processor can automatically complete the ELISA test, including dilution, sample distribution, reagent distribution, incubation, plate washing, enzyme label interpretation, and result printing. Wait for all steps.


And it is widely used in hospital laboratories, disease prevention and control centers, blood centers, and blood banks, animal and plant inspection and quarantine institutions, scientific research institutions, university laboratories and other places.

Plays a huge role in the detection of various hepatitis, infectious diseases and sex hormones.


As a new product launched by BIOBASE, Auto ELISA Processor BIOBASE4001 has the function of clot detection on the basis of inheriting the past functional characteristics, and has more precise gripper position sensing and pipetting precision control, making the operation more convenient.

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