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New arrivals-Auto Hematology Analyzer BK-3100!

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As an important member of the BIOBASE Analyzer family, the appearance of Auto Hematology Analyzer BK-3100 has important clinical significance for disease diagnosis and treatment.


Initially, the Auto Hematology Analyzer was only able to count red blood cells and white blood cells, but with the improvement of technology, the Auto Hematology Analyzer has the detection of hemoglobin, platelets, average red blood cell volume and other blood cell parameters.

At present, the Auto Hematology Analyzer has become one of the commonly used screening instruments for clinical testing at home and abroad.


Auto Hematology Analyzer BK-3100 is the new generation of analytical instrument products independently developed by BIOBASE, which far exceeds similar products in terms of comprehensive strength. For example, a larger LCD screen, fewer samples to be tested, can be turned on for 24 hours continuously, and the detection efficiency per hour is higher, etc.


With the continuous advancement of technology, BIOBASE is also evolving with the times in the field of medical devices. The advent of the Auto Hematology Analyzer BK-3100 is a representation. If you are interested in BIOBASE products, please feel free to contact us!


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