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Portable Vaccine Refrigeration

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BIOBASE : The Industry Leader in Medical Refrigeration Solutions

With the current world situation, the demand for vaccinations is on the rise. We manufacture medical refrigeration solutions for labs, pharmacies, blood banks, medical facilities and more. Safely store medical supplies, vaccines or blood using BIOBASE medical freezer and fridge technology.

The Industry Leader in Medical Refrigeration Solutions

BIOBASE manufactures the most durable and efficient portable refrigerators and freezers available for medical applications. Stop using ice boxes, dry ice, and cold packs to store vital supplies.

Our customers include diabetes clinics, medical laboratories, state, province and county health departments, immunization clinics, universities, centers for infectious diseases and governmental agencies. Our website showcases our portable medical line of products, which are ideal for storing medical supplies, vaccines, blood and more.

Lab & Pharmacy Portable Refrigeration

Our medical freezers and refrigerators are commonly found in labs and pharmacies, as they are highly reliable in the protection of dangerous and delicate lab samples. Daily lab and pharmacy applications can be demanding, which is why our refrigerators offer safety and dependability. Our portable medical refrigerators are perfect for hospitals, laboratories, health clinics, medical centers and pharmacies. BIOBASE improves patient care within labs and pharmacies by offering high-quality and reliable cold storage solutions.

Portable Vaccine Refrigeration

We offer a full line of medical grade refrigerators and freezers specifically designed for the safe storage of vaccines including covid-19 (coronavirus), influenza, varicella, MMR, Zoster, rotavirus and typhoid. Our fridges meet current federal and state guidelines for the safe storage of vaccines. Choose from a variety of portable vaccine fridge freezers with various temperature settings. We offer smaller table top refrigerator freezers as well as larger portable units. From small doctors’ offices to large medical clinics, BIOBASE offers complete solutions for the safe cold storage of medical vaccines.

For questions or to place your order, contact BIOBASE today. Let our experts help you find the right products to meet your needs.


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