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Purchasing Decisions: Quality and Credibility at Par

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Many aspects are considered when making purchasing decisions. Laboratory equipment are investments expected to work long-term and pay off what they are worth. So before striking a deal, here are some features and factors one must account for.



In quality assurance, diagnostics, and research laboratories, every tick and tock of the clock counts. Downtime due to equipment failure may lead to mishaps such as sample degradation, hazard exposure, and income loss. Hence, having efficient and reliable equipment is of paramount importance. It must be designed with high-quality materials and engineering excellence to deliver exceptional results. Compliance with international safety standards and certifications is also to be reckoned with as it assures the safety and efficiency of the product used.


Laboratory professionals are at risk of exposure to various occupational hazards, and some of which may be brought by environmental discomfort. Some manufacturers have started producing equipment designed to give users comfort to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders, especially on equipment with procedures involving sitting for an extended period. Another danger to look out for is the noise emitted by equipment as it may lead to permanent hearing loss. Choosing equipment with low-noise emission conserves the health of all the laboratory staff. Make sure to look for these ergonomic features.


Machinery constitutes at least 10% to 50% of the total energy consumed in a laboratory. Adding energy-saving to your choosing criteria would help you save big in the long run. Energy-efficient equipment takes less capital for it to run. The use of LED lighting, DC-ECM blowers in airflow cabinets, an efficient refrigeration system for cold storage are some of the technologies used to lower power consumption in the lab.

Service must not end upon delivery. It is important to require your supplier for an extensive network of service support from installation to decommissioning. Lab personnel must be equipped with equipment knowledge and basic troubleshooting skills. Knowing who to call during equipment downtime saves you from the trouble of looking for technicians.
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