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Spring 2023 CMEF exhibition is ongoing

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On May 14, the 87th China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Fair was held as scheduled at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Thousands of companies from all over the world participated in this event.

内文1On the first day of the fair, the BIOBASE booth was very popular. Manycustomersfrom home and abroad gathered at the BIOBASE booth, carefully visited the products and discussed the development of the industry. At the same time, a large number of domestic and foreign customers watched the CMEF through online live broadcast. Many overseas customers interacted enthusiastically withBIOBASEon-site staff in the live broadcast room, and consulted for detailed information onBIOBASE exhibited products.

内文2In this year's CMEF, the layout of BIOBASE booth has many highlights.The products exhibited by BIOBASE are not only numerous in quantity, but also diverse in variety. In addition,BIOBASE brought the mobile PCR chamber laboratory to the exhibition site for the first time,and also established a cosmetics dedicated booth. The rich variety of cosmetics not only attracted a large number of exhibitors, but also set off an upsurge of "panic buying".

内文3With the improvement of people's awareness of health management, early disease screening is receiving more and more attention.

On the second day of the fair, BIOBASE detection and IVD in vitro diagnostic products have attracted much attention. Among them, new products such as automatic chemistry analyzer BK-1200 and fluorescence immunoassay analyzer BKP-2000 have become "star-level" products.

内文4In addition, for hospitals and testing institutions, it is crucial to ensure safety and improve testing efficiency. Sophisticated products such as biological safety cabinets and ultra-low temperature storage have also become important highlights of this exhibition. Many overseas customers have expressed their recognition of BIOBASE product innovation and service capabilities, and expect BIOBASE to launch more high-quality products.

内文5The 2023 CMEF fair is still ongoing. We sincerely look forward to establishing in-depth cooperation with more overseas customers, providing more high-quality products and services for the industry, and helping the quality development of the medical industry.


The exhibition will last until May 17, and BIOBASE will be waiting for you at booth 6.1M23 in Hall 6!



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