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Super September is coming are you ready?

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The Super September is our most important sales promotion month of the year. During this period, we will prepare promotion products, big discount and free gifts for our customers. Do not miss this purchasing opportunity. Follow me to learn more details.

Firstly, when is the Super September?

You can enjoy the Super September from September 1st to September 30th.


Secondly, how about the promotion products?

We have prepared eighteen different models for the promotion. Including the current best-selling products, such as nucleic acid extractors, biochemistry analyzers, sterilizers, refrigerators, etc. Maximum discount reaches 801 USD.


Next, how about the free gifts?

There are total eight model products can be selected. Such as microscope, pipette, refrigerator, shaker, etc. The maximum value of the gift is 125 USD.


Finally, are there any other surprises?

Yes. We have prepared many other surprises for you, so stay tuned.




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