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The BIOBASE microbiology laboratory project was reported by Saudi Arabian TV

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In April 2020, Saudi Arabia signed an agreement to jointly build six laboratories with China. This cooperation will greatly help Saudi Arabia improve the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic. Of course, before this, Saudi Arabia has also cooperated with many Chinese companies in laboratory engineering projects. The cooperation has achieved the desired effect. BIOBASE Group is one of the companies that cooperated with it.


As early as 2019, BIOBASE reached an agreement with Saudi Arabia customer to build a microbiology laboratory. It is mainly used for medical research and training, including tissue culture, genetic testing, food safety training, PCR experiments, etc. The design drawings, laboratory equipment and furniture of the microbiology laboratory are provided by BIOBASE. Since then, we received feedback from Saudi customers, and the laboratory project was successfully completed and put into use in August this year.


Since August, the microbiology laboratory designed by BIOBASE has received very high attention in the local area due to its unique and humanize design. Many media and television stations rushed to report, and there is an endless stream of local visitors.


As a manufacturer, BIOBASE has exclusive agents in many countries. In addition to this laboratory project cooperation, BIOBASE has also set up exclusive agents for air protection products, sterilizers, refrigerators, and incubators in Saudi Arabia. BIOBASE Group also hopes that through more medical products, it can help the development of the Saudi Arabia medical industry and contribute to the world's health services.


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